Office Party Decoration 101: How to Make Office Parties a Great Success

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When you’ve been tasked with arranging the next big office party, there are dozens of things you need to consider. You need to arrange the food and refreshments, as well as make sure there is enough for people to do so that the party isn’t a total dud. But in all that organizing chaos, a very important thing that sometimes slips people’s minds is the décor.

Sure, décor may not be as important as the food or the activities, but when a guest enters the party, the first thing they notice is not what there is to eat or do, but how the place looks. You may have amazing music playing and great food up to eat, but when the guest enters and sees the office looking just as drab as it always does, that’s surely not the best impression to make!

Here we’ll discuss some of the best ideas for decorating your office for a party.


Banners are easy to make, cost-effective and the fastest way to give your office a much-needed perk up for parties. You can choose to buy a ready-made banner or make your own – either way, a banner is eye-catching and is sure to attract attention!

Specialized Plates and Cups

Paper cups and plates come in all colors and styles, so choose your party supplies in the company colors to give your office party that unique twist while staying loyal to your company.

Customized Table Napkins

Getting your company logo or motto printed on table napkins is a great way of keeping the party office appropriate and showing off your excellent party planning skills.


Who doesn’t like taking pictures? And with a fancy photo booth serving as a backdrop, people are sure to appreciate the great pictures they can use as their profile pictures. You can buy a ready-made photobooth or make one yourself to stay within the budget.

Party Favors

What better way of thanking your colleagues for all their hard work through the year than sending them off with a little party favor in hand? You can go as elaborate or as simple on this as you want – or as much as your budget allows you to – and people are sure to appreciate them! Decorate your party favor boxes and add your company’s logo to them so colleagues have a souvenir to save from an awesome party!

Customized Balloons


Probably the best way to add that liveliness and joy your party needed, customized balloons can be used in a myriad of ways, according to your preferences. From a balloon arch to welcome the guests when they first enter, to a custom balloon centrepiece to even just small displays artistically arranged throughout the room, balloons printed with the logo of the company and a small message thanking the guests for their hard work, are a sure fire way of building goodwill in the company. As balloons are inexpensive and easy to get customized, they’re also a great way to stay within the budget!


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